Family Farm Store Dumas Texas Storefront

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Family Farm Stores

501 N. Dumas Ave. Dumas, TX 79029

PUPPY SATURDAY is BACK at Family Farm Store! 

Be sure to bring your puppies, kittens, bunnies, or other small animals in EARLY on Saturday!

Thank You to all who adopt!

puppy adoption.jpg
Puppy 20.jpg
Puppy 13.jpg
puppy adoption 3.jpg
Puppy 12.jpg
Puppy 15.jpg
Puppy 10.jpg
Puppy 11.jpg
Puppy 8.jpg
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Puppy 9.jpg
Puppy 7.jpg
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Puppy 6.jpg
Puppy 21.jpg
Kitten 1.jpg
Kitten 2.jpg
Puppy 22.jpg
Puppy 23.jpg
Puppy 21.jpg
Puppy 17.jpg
Puppy 14.jpg
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